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Reasons Why Westchester

Meetings in WestchesterWhether you're just looking for a place to go for a small group outing or planning an event for hundreds of guests, Westchester County is the destination for you. Here are 10 reasons (among many!) to think Westchester:

1.  Play at a variety of award-winning attractions and stay in Westchester's relaxed and convenient accommodations.

2.  Location, location, location. No matter what setting you desire, we can offer it, from a remote hamlet to a happening city scene. As an aside, did you know that more than 55 feature films and cable TV shows have been shot here in recent years? The camera doesn't lie!

3.  Planes, trains and automobiles – whichever form of transportation you prefer, it's easy to get here and easy to get around!

4.  We have something for everyone – If variety is the spice of life, your cultural palate will be well-satisfied in Westchester. Nature lovers, night owls, music buffs, sports fans, fashionistas and foodies all get to explore what they love.

5.  Leave your worries on shore and spend a day boating on the Hudson River or Long Island Sound, which both border the county.

6.  Lose your head in history. The county that is home to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is rich in historical and cultural sites to visit.

7.  Follow the fairways – Westchester boasts some of the region's best golf courses, including Saxon Woods, a favorite with the public since 1931.

8.  Keep the team together for a great night on the town. Clubs, restaurants, theaters and performing arts centers keep the beat.

9.  Stay busy. Our fully loaded calendar of events always has something going on.

10. We're just as good as we think! While in Westchester – New York's Intellectual Capital® – you are among thousands of brilliant men and women who live and work here. New inspiration is around every corner, and the excitement is definitely contagious.

That's why we're so proud to say that Westchester is definitely your SMART CHOICE for meetings, events and group activities.


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