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How to Film in Westchester

We aim to make it as easy as possible to film in Westchester. We'll help guide you through the permit and insurance process, which may vary across the county, and help expedite the details of your production.

Three Easy Steps to Filming in Westchester

1. Complete the Letter of Intent form. This will ensure you receive top-notch service from us in all aspects of your production.

2. Let us know where you want to film or what you're looking for in a location. We can suggest sites relevant to your needs. However, you can also read up on all our communities.


In the Guide to Municipal Filming, we have compiled, by municipality, local filming regulations, including contact information, licenses and permits and insurance requirements. Download and keep this guide handy as you scout your location.

But please keep us in the loop even if you're filming at a non-county-owned location. The more information we have about what's being filmed in Westchester, the better we can serve you.

If your location is owned by Westchester County, we'll consult with you and coordinate the terms of your permit and location fee. We'll work with you to ensure fees are finalized and paid prior to shooting.

3. All productions are required to submit an insurance certificate. Insurance requirements are:
Minimum limit of $1 million for General Liability, including:
County of Westchester
148 Martine Ave.
White Plains, NY 10601

As additional insured: Proof of Worker’s Compensation (NYS statutory limits apply)

Additional insurance may be required depending the nature of the project.

The total aggregate insurance amount varies depending on your project:

• Still photography requires a minimum of one million dollars
• Television commercials require two million dollars
• Feature films or television series require a minimum of five million dollars

 Questions? Let us answer them. You can start by reading our FAQs or simply by contacting us today.