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Please complete the form below to be considered for our film location database. By doing so, you affirm that you consent to being registered with Westchester County Tourism & Film for production crew and scouting referrals as a possible location for filming. You consent to have photographs and contact information posted on the Internet, where they will be visible to the public. Should you wish to revoke this consent and remove your property from our listings please contact us at (914) 995-8500.

Please note that Westchester County Tourism & Film issues location agreements and grants permits only for County owned property. The property owner or production company must make application to the specific municipality in which the location is situated for a film permit.

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By checking this box, I represent that I own–or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of–the property described; I consent that Westchester County may share information I have provided; I affirm I have full rights to use all images submitted herewith; and I have read, understood & accept the terms set forth above.

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