Why Film Industry Professionals Love Filming in Westchester: Kip Myers Testimonial


Kip Myers has served as the location manager for “The Irishman” (Netflix), Unit Production Manager/line producer for “Pose” (FX), and is currently co-executive producing “American Horror Story” (FX). We sat down with him recently to find out why he chooses to film in Westchester County. 

Locations are cost-effective, film-friendly, welcoming and accommodating to production crews, according to Myers. "The film office introduces you to the towns. They know the players; if we want to film overnight, or close down a street or film an explosive scene, they can point us to areas that would be open to those kinds of situations. They help guide us to the finish line."

Filming in Westchester also offers economic advantages, explains Myers. "We end up saving a lot of money. The price point is different from other areas; you access more than what you're getting on screen: support space, base camp for your trucks, great hotels for your crews to stay in."

It's beneficial for people who live and work in the New York metro area as well. "It's close enough for us to budget for a show and still travel back and forth to [your] home...that's everything, really."

Thank you so much, Kip, for your feedback! 

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