Winter Bridge

Itineraries for Every Interest 

From seasonal getaways that let you explore the best of Westchester to one-day, one-town excursions, we’ve created itinerary suggestions for every interest and travel style.


A Winter to Treasure in Westchester 

Winter is in the air in Westchester County. From fun holiday offerings to picturesque parkland frosted in snow, Westchester is full of surprises this season.

Croton Husdon River Bird

Fly Like an Eagle to Westchester This Winter

For a special winter experience, here’s an easy guide to let your love of nature take flight.

African American Heritage Trail

The African American Heritage Trail is a collection of historic sites that preserve and interpret the contributions that people of African descent have made to the development of this country's unique American identity. The Trail is an ongoing initiative to identify sites, buildings and locations that reflect both the actions and experiences of African Americans in the evolution of Westchester. 

Westchester's Winter Wonders

Westchester abounds in cold-weather outdoor activities just a short drive from the big city. Whether the forecast calls for snow or sun, we’ve got you covered.

Dog Friendly Westchester

A Tail Wagging Westchester Getaway

Bring your loyal companion along on a Westchester adventure, thanks to a plethora of pet-friendly hotels, parks, and restaurants.

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Hyperlocal itineraries help you turn a short visit into a day beyond expectations.