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Rye Playland Park beach boardwalk


Many call this, the county’s smallest city, its loveliest—approximately 15,000 residents live within its six square miles. And with good reason. This exclusive, picture-perfect community boasts an expansive Long Island Sound beachfront and a quaint New England-like downtown shopping district complete with a town square featuring high-end fashion boutiques, gift galleries and its very own “Restaurant Row” of both fine-dining establishments and family eateries. Very much an old-fashioned small town in feel, Rye appeals to visitors for its traditional, family-oriented ambiance. 

SoundShore_rye.jpgRye has:

  • America’s oldest amusement park, Rye Playland, features historic rides, a beach, boardwalk, pier, swimming poolkiddyland, lake boating, picnic area, fireworks, mini golf and indoor ice-skating.
  • Rye Nature Center: Located on 47-acres of wildlife preserve, with over two miles of hiking trails, ponds, streams and granite outcroppings, the Nature Center has classroom and museum spaces for visiting classes and special events.
  • The Square House Museum: Formerly a tavern where George Washington once stayed for the night, the Square House was opened as a museum in 1967 and houses many exhibits and a large collection of artifacts, dating back to 1660.
  • Jay Heritage Center: The Jay Property in Rye is the boyhood home of New York State’s only native Founding Father, John Jay (1745-1829).
  • Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary: Located on the shore of the Long Island Sound, this 179-acre sanctuary is home to a great diversity of marine life.  There are three miles of trails, and along the half-mile of publicly accessible shore, the intertidal habitat harbors a wide diversity of plants and animals.

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