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Hastings Tea & Coffee

Naturally, we would want to offer a product that is high quality, natural, and organic. It would also be important to have a wide variety of tea from around the world. The perfect cup that you could grab and enjoy on the go, or sit and stay awhile, in our upscale but relaxed lounge. If you like, you can pair your tea with something sweet, from our selection of bakery items. Once you find your favorite, you have the option to take some of that loose tea with you, and brew it at home or at work. Of course, we would have brewing accessories, like tea pots, cups and servers. Along the way, we created both hot and cold specialty beverages, which we call our Signature drinks. They combine our premium teas with natural ingredients, like fresh ginger, honey, lemon, mint and rose buds. Then we decided to include hot and cold tea lattes and even tea milk shakes. We even created something unique for tea lovers that enjoy natural fruit, who are looking for something cool and refreshing, that we call a Tea Fruit Smoothie. It combines only the freshest brewed tea with 100% crushed fruit. Unlike so many other blended cold drinks on the market today, that contain preservatives, artificial flavor and colors, as well as added sugars, our Tea fruit smoothies are made of only two things: pure tea and fruit. And don't worry if you're not a tea drinker, our premium quality coffee, coffee lattes and espresso will be sure to satisfy you.