Why Film and Television Producers Love Filming in Westchester: Scott Ferguson Testimonial

Scott Ferguson is a four-time Emmy winning film and television producer known for his work on HBO’s “Succession” and “The Night Of,” among other television shows, as well as feature films including “Brokeback Mountain.” We interviewed him about his recent projects and the reasons for his enthusiasm for filming in Westchester County.

He cites Westchester’s diverse locations as versatile and economical backdrops for scenes set in distant places. “A lot of times you’ll want to tell a story that’s set in New York and somewhere else and Westchester is the first place I would look for a convincing ‘somewhere else’,” says Ferguson. 

The variety of settings is a huge draw, according to Ferguson. “Westchester has a great diversity and great range of locations. We doubled Manchester, England, in Yonkers; we shot official Washington [D.C.] in downtown White Plains; and of course, you have these gorgeous stately homes in places like Bedford, Pound Ridge, and Katonah.” 

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