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Thompson's Cider Mill


Founded in 1976, Thompson’s Cider Mill and Orchard specializes in producing a unique artisanal apple cider made from 10 to 25 varieties. Open weekends from early September through Christmas, Thompson’s also offers a wide range of eating apples including many heirloom and rare varieties as well as pears and peaches when in season. High-quality locally-sourced baked goods, maple syrup and honey are also available. Apples have been grown on the beautiful hilltop site since the 1880s. Over the last 40 years owner & founder Geoff Thompson has replanted the hilltop orchard which today includes 520 trees. In keeping with its tradition of presenting fi ne artisanal products, Thompson’s is proud to be introducing its hard cider collection. Visitors can watch the cider being made Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm.