Manursing Island Club in Rye

Who can forget the iconic boardwalk scene in “Big” (20th Century Fox) where Tom Hanks whispers a wish to a fortune-telling machine or Glenn Close’s hair-raising roller coaster ride in Paramount Pictures’ “Fatal Attraction”?  Both scenes had a one-of-a-kind backdrop that productions seek, and both were filmed at Playland, just one of the many location gems found in the City of Rye.   

Nestled on the shores of scenic Long Island Sound, Rye offers more than just picturesque views. It’s a stone’s throw from New York City, making it an ideal spot for productions looking to film in the NYC film zone.  “Rye's proximity to New York City is a huge advantage,” notes Greg Usry, City Manager, City of Rye. “Plus, we offer diverse, scenic settings within a compact area, a production team’s dream.”   

With a population of 16,383 residents, Rye has a small-town feel. It offers an array of looks—a waterfront that stretches along the Long Island Sound, a bustling downtown brimming with small shops and lively restaurants, and serene neighborhoods lined by historic architecture and luxury mansions.  

The City draws crews from ongoing television series, including "FBI" and "FBI: Most Wanted” (NBC), filmed throughout Rye’s tree-lined streets, and feature films, including the Academy-award nominated “Maestro” (Netflix) starring Bradley Cooper. Scenes were filmed at a private home in one of Rye’s tonier spots, Parsonage Point.  The Coveleigh Club offered toucheManursing Clubs of grandeur in the "The Watcher” (Netflix) and the elegant Westchester Country Club served as the impressive backdrop to the high-stakes world of "Billions" (Showtime).  

Locations range from the natural beauty of Manursing Island, as seen in "No Hard Feelings” (Columbia Pictures) starring Jennifer Lawrence, to the vibrant downtown area featured in episodes of "The Blacklist” (NBC). Local businesses are also getting in on the action—Trapp Opticians, for example, has been featured in productions like "Mr. Robot” (Amazon Prime). 

“The key to it is we understand filmmakers' needs, so we provide a clear and efficient permitting process, dedicated support, and a collaborative approach,” said Usry. Since the Covid pandemic, permitting has moved completely online, further streamlining the process.  

Added Usry, "We ensure a smooth filming experience, balancing filmmakers' needs with our community's lifestyle and location. Showcasing Rye on screen has been a huge source of pride for our residents. They love seeing their town in the spotlight, and it has the added benefit of encouraging visitors to come and explore Rye's magic firsthand.” 

Whether you're envisioning a bustling street scene, a heartwarming neighborhood story, or a dramatic coastal encounter, Rye has the settings to bring a filmmaker’s vision to life. Explore your possibilities today: Contact us to get started.