Why Location Managers Love Filming in Westchester: Lauri Pitkus Testimonial

Lauri Pitkus has managed locations for film and television productions including “The Post” (Dreamworks) and “Orange is the New Black” (Netflix) and is now working on HBO’s “The Gilded Age.” Why film in Westchester? Here she describes the ease of working with film-friendly Westchester County and its municipalities. 

The ability to pivot and to make decisions quickly is critical in the film industry, Pitkus explains. “What’s great about Westchester is that there’s a number of film locations that we’ve dealt with before and it’s almost a turnkey operation at this point. We can reach out to them, and they understand what we do here on a day-to-day basis when we come here and film. 

“What’s helpful about the film office is that there’s coordination between film agencies,” she says, “It’s one phone call and you can right away get the number of the municipality of where you’re trying to shoot, and usually with one or two phone calls you can get everyone on board and organize something very quickly.” 

Westchester County is film-friendly and can help with all aspects of your film production. Interested in filming here? Contact us.